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Space Mines
Vector style arcade game, where you survive by turning enemy mines against the enemy.  Developed in HTML5 Canvas using Electron.  

This is my first game published on itch.io, so I hope you enjoy.  I'm seeking user feedback to improve gameplay, features etc.  Leave comments. 
(access to web browser version is available upon request)

Shoot at the red and pink enemy mines to turn them into friendly blue mines.  Once changed, these mines can no longer harm you but will instead harm your enemy.  Clear all mines to advance to the next level.  As enemies are destroyed they may release special weapons.  Fire at these to collect and enable their features.


  • Mouse: Move mouse to move cross-hairs. Left click to fire.
  • Touch/Tap: Tap screen to move cross-hairs and fire, in one action.
  • Keyboard:  Space key to activate special weapon (currently 'Freeze' option)

This game currently reads and writes to a leader-board file, allowing you to check your progress against your best scores. While under development the permissions of the app is set to 'administrative'.  If you'd like a version that does not required such permissions, go ahead and email me @ bobduffy5@gmail.com or reach me on Twitter @bobduffy

Known Issue: 
The game will scale itself to any screen-size, however that can lead to performance issues.  If frame rate issues, try with screen to 1080p 60h

Help Make This A Great Game:
Send me feedback, tell me what features you want and most of all let me know if it's fun or how it can be more fun

Install instructions

This prototype requires administrator permissions in order to create a leader-board file that it can read and write to.  Be sure to  accept the permissions for this during install. 

Game will scale to full screen.  For best experience set screen to 1080p at 60h


SpaceMines-installer-proto1.zip 102 MB


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--Comment pasted from a personal Slack Community--
1. I see that I need to aim the cannon to shoot (and land) directly on the space mine

If I aim the cannon to shoot beyond the mine, the cannon will fire and go *through the mine and not trigger an explosion
Which made me feel disappointed that my cannon targeting was not correct
Is this a design decision / game mechanic? If so, then you may want to think about the weapon on the space ship to be more like a cannon and less like a laser
2. What physics engine are you using?

(1 edit)

Good observation. The game is designed for you point and click where you want to shoot, not designed to destroy anything in the line of fire. The game play is a similar to Missile Command.  If you shoot too far in front or behind the path of the object you will miss it.

I'll be adding additional weapons and one I've been considering is one that allows for everything in the path of the laser to be hit.

No physics engine used. All movement and interaction is calculated and drawn per frame using java-script and the Canvas Element